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Twitter introduced warning labels and strikes to fight vaccine misinformation


With resistance from several quarters and many conspiracy theories spun around the recent coronavirus vaccines which are being deployed across the world to fight the deadly virus, Twitter has now released tough regulations that would penalize various levels of misinformation that may be peddled on the social networking platform.Twitter

The rumor mill is an ever-present threat to a successful rollout of vaccines and Twitter will be incorporating new labels into users’ timelines, which will also pop up whenever users are about to retweet misleading content. The labels system is just another move by the company to be more responsive and decisive in dealing with false and misleading information that may be peddled on it.


Making use of authentic and sufficiently vetted public information, misinformation tweets will attract notices together with a warning that the content may be misleading. The system will be moderated by humans and not an automated system. However, the labeling system which began on Tuesday (March 2) will provide training data for its artificial intelligence (AI) that is expected to learn the process and be deployed to run the system. The new system will be available in English and would be expanded to other languages subsequently.

The misinformation labeling system also comes with a system of issuing penalties via strikes for violators of the regulations. The strike system is such that a user with two or three strikes will have his account locked for 12 hours. With four violations, they lose account access for one week, with permanent suspension looming after five strikes.


As the social networking giant continues to reinvent itself and safeguard the sanctity of the platform with its zero tolerance for misinformation, it is hoped that this new move will further help mold proper behavior on the platform.




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