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Twitter finally expands its Spaces chatroom feature to Android


Twitter launched its own take on a live voice-based chatroom feature called Spaces late last year in December. However, it has been in the closed beta testing phase for a while now, and exclusive to the iOS side of the ecosystem – just like its key rival, Clubhouse. That finally changes, as Twitter users on Android can finally hop on the Spaces bandwagon.

You can only join and speak, but can't create a Spaces session on Android right now

But there is some good as well as bad news here. Twitter says that those using its Android app can now join Spaces, and if allowed, you can even speak as a guest. However, if you’re using the Twitter app on your Android phone, you won’t be able to create an event and host a Spaces conversation. At least not yet.

Scheduling coming to Spaces

Right now, Twitter is testing a host of new features for Spaces. Among them is the ability to schedule a Spaces session, thanks to a dedicated Schedule for Later button. Hosts can tweet about the upcoming session with a Spaces card that has a ‘Set Reminder’ button for their followers on it.


A the moment, those who create a Space, their followers will see it in their Fleets section at the top. Additionally, they can choose between three options – Everyone, People you follow, or Only people you invite to speak – and give them speaking privilege in a Spaces conversation. Moreover, the speaking privileges can be changed mid-way during a conversation.

And for the sake of moderation, hosts have the ability to remove, report, or block the participants in a Spaces conversation. And if things get a bit too much to handle, the person who created the audio chatroom session can also end it. As per Twitter’s FAQ page for Spaces, only up to ten people can currently join a session as a speaker, but there is no limit on the number of listeners that can tune in to hear a conversation.

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