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Twitter explores a paid tier with advanced tools, putting Tweetdeck behind a paywall


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed back in July last year that Twitter was considering a subscription-based model of its social media platform, but it was all in the very early stages back then. Later that same month, some users started seeing surveys asking them about their opinion on a paid tier of Twitter’s service. Now, Bloomberg reports that Twitter has been working on a subscription model for years now, and that the project has lately received a push in a bid to boost the revenue figures.

“To explore potential options outside ad sales, a number of Twitter teams are researching subscription offerings, including one using the code name “Rogue One,” according to people familiar with the effort.”

A stagnant ad business has pushed Twitter to look at other revenue streams

Other options on the table include making Tweetdeck a paid service. In case you’re unaware, Tweetdeck is a popular dashboard application that was acquired by Twitter in 2011 and which allows users to see multiple timelines simultaneously, aside from offering features such as managing multiple accounts at once, scheduling tweets, and building a collection among others.

Another revenue generation scheme that Twitter is exploring is a tipping feature, one that would allow creators to charge their followers for exclusive content

, while Twitter will take a commission. Twitter is also exploring a slew of advanced features for paid users such as the ability to undo tweets and deeper profile customization tools.
“Increasing revenue durability is our top company objective,” Bruce Falck, Twitter’s head of revenue products, said in a statement, adding that this “may include” subscriptions. “While we’re excited about this potential, it’s important to note we are still in very early exploration and we do not expect any meaningful revenue attributable to these opportunities in 2021.”

Paid tools might include undo tweet, ad-free timeline and deeper profile customization

Other features that a paid tier of the social media service might offer a feed that is free of ads, access to higher-resolution videos or those with a longer video length limit, and access to more detailed analytical data. Twitter has lately been come under pressure from investors regarding its growth, something that has forced the company to explore additional revenue streams.

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