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Twitter contemplates letting users record their Spaces


Twitter launched its Clubhouse rival, Spaces, which is a live voice-based chatroom feature late last year in December. It remained in closed beta testing phase for a while, and it was only recently that Twitter expanded the feature outside of iOS to the Android app. Now, the company seems to be contemplating new ways and features to offer with its service to take on Clubhouse.

Kayvon Beykpour, head of consumer product at Twitter recently appeared on The Verge’s Decoder podcast where he talked about the company’s plans to build a way to natively record conversations.

“I think it should be a choice,” he says. “If you think that the conversation was worth playing back, you ought to be able to do that. I personally am a little bit more bullish on two things. One, obviously the host should be able to save it and do whatever they want. Maybe you host a Space, you save it, then want to go edit it. You should be able to do that.”

Hence, Twitter could soon allow you to record your Space. You might then edit it and upload it as a podcast. However, the official said that the idea of recording and sharing clips gets trickier when participants want to share audio without the host’s explicit consent.


“Now, the challenge with that is you have a sort of a really challenging consent issue because you have the host’s intent in mind of, does the host want this conversation to be preserved or shared? [Then] there’s the speakers, who are a different actor than the host. Their consent is really important,” he said.


As The Verge reports, Twitter does record conversations. However, it retains them for 30 days for moderation purposes. But it also allows the hosts to download that data for as long as Twitter has it. They can also get a copy of the transcription if the host had them turned on during the session. In contrast, Clubhouse only keeps recordings when the room is live.

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