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TSMC sees record high revenue crossing $4.2 billion in August 2020


Earlier today (10th September 2020), the world’s largest contract chipmaker, TSMC, announced its revenue for the month of August. The company generated 4.2 billion US Dollars, setting a new record high for the company.


TSMC is a known chip manufacturer that supplies chips to various tech giants including, AMD, Apple, NVIDIA, and more. According to the company’s official website, TSMC generated 122.878 billion New Taiwan Dollars or roughly 4.2 billion US Dollars. This marks a notable increase of 15.8 percent year on year or 106.118 billion New Taiwan Dollars (roughly 3.6 billion US Dollars) during the same month in 2019.

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Furthermore, the revenue doesn’t just mark a new record high for the company but also marks positive revenue growth after the chipmaker’s revenue fell by 12 percent month on month back in July 2020. TSMC saw a 16 percent increase in revenue over a month prior. Notably, the last time the firm’s revenue reached this high was back in June, when it generated 120.878 billion New Taiwan Dollars (roughly 4.12 billion US Dollars).



Details from TSMC’s official website also reveals that the revenue generated by the company in the first 8 months of this year reached 850.137 billion New Taiwan Dollars (roughly 29 billion US Dollars). This marks an increase of over 195 billion New Taiwan Dollars from the same period back in 2019 or a sizeable increase of 30.7 percent year on year, which is quite an impressive performance considering the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic affecting many economies and industries across the globe.

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