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TSMC may have taken Qualcomm’s 5nm chip orders away from Samsung


Samsung was expected to start mass production of its 5nm chipsets from Q2 2020. Unfortunately, the company has also been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it seems that it is already making it lose money, as a new report suggests that Samsung has lost a part of Qualcomm’s 5nm chip orders to the TSMC.

According to a new report from China, Samsung may have lost some of Qualcomm’s 5nm Snapdragon 875G and Snapdragon 735G chip orders to TSMC. The Chinese chipmaker is currently producing around

60,000 5nm chipsets per month, even though it could pick up its speed to deliver up to 90,000 units to deal with the demand. Qualcomm may have decided to split its orders to avoid a possible delay in the launch of the new chipsets.

Samsung may still make some of these new processors, but they would only be a small fraction of Qualcomm’s total orders, which would translate to massive economic losses.

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