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Top stories from last week: Motorola Edge S launched, Carl Pei unveils Nothing, India permanently bans Chinese apps, Xiaomi’s truly wireless charging tech, and more


There were a number of pretty big announcements last week, and if you missed out on them because you were focused on the stock market, here’s a recap.

Motorola Edge S Featured 03

Motorola Edge S launched as the new flagship killer king

Motorola launched a new smartphone in China that has set a high standard for the flagship killer category. The Motorola Edge S starts at ~$310 and packs a Snapdragon 870 processor, a 90Hz display, dual front-facing cameras, quad-rear cameras, Turbo fast LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage, and a 5000mAh battery. It also has a desktop interface, allowing you to use it as a computer when connected to an external display. That is definitely a lot you are getting for that price.

Nothing fetaured

Carl Pei finally unveils what he has been cooking and it’s Nothing

Former OnePlus executive and co-founder, Carl Pei, unveiled his new startup following his exit from the phone company he founded, and to our surprise it is Nothing. Yes, Nothing is the name of his new London-based company.

The company is said to be into consumer technology and plans to announce its first batch of smart devices later this year. No info was provided about what category these smart devices will fall under but the company’s plan is to release an ecosystem of devices.

TikTok App
India permanently bans TikTok, WeChat, and several others

After issuing a temporary ban last year, the Indian government has permanently banned 60 Chinese apps that include popular ones such as TikTok, WeChat, Baidu, and UC Browser. ByteDance has had to cut its workforce following the loss of users of its app, TikTok.


The Indian government has said that the response gotten from the companies that own the affected apps regarding the security concerns it raised has not been satisfactory.

Mi Air Charge Technology

Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge Technology is the wireless charging you’ve always wanted

Mi Air Charge Technology is the wireless charging technology we’ve always wanted – one that doesn’t have you tethered to a spot. Current wireless charging technology requires you to place your phone on a device to charge but Xiaomi’s new and proprietary technology allows your phone to begin to charge wirelessly once you enter a room. The technology uses millimeter waves to charge and power compatible devices within a certain range.

Sony Xperia Pro
Xperia Pro in use with a professional camera

Sony’s first 5G phone for the US is for professionals and costs $2500

After nearly a year since it was announced, Sony’s Xperia Pro smartphone is now available for purchase in the US. The Japanese manufacturer is targeting professionals especially those in the creative industry. It packs professional camera features that are not available on the Xperia 1 II which it is based upon and it also costs a whopping $2500.



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