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Tipster says OnePlus Nord N1 5G smartphone will succeed the Nord N10 5G


It’s a no-brainer that OnePlus launches flagship devices every year and this year’s models are said to come under the “OnePlus 9” moniker. However, the brand also ventured into the budget segment with the launch of OnePlus Nord devices(Nord 5G, N10 5G, N100 4G) in 2020. Now, we are getting information about their successors in 2021. Renowned Tipster Max Jambor has revealed that OnePlus Nord N1 5G will succeed the Nord N10 5G.

Max has revealed via a Voice Post that OnePlus will indeed launch the successors of the Nord lineup in 2021. For the unware, the Original Nord debuted in Europe, India while OnePlus brought a Nord N10 5G and N100 4G devices to Europe, North America, and some parts of Asia like Singapore. Hence, going by the name N1 5G, we can expect the device to launch in same regions(EU, NA, Singapore) but there isn’t enough info yet.

To affirm the succession further, Max has also replied to a user that the OnePlus Nord, which is a separate line for some markets will get

a successor of its own. The N10, N100 opened a new sub-category under the “Nord branding” where it had few compromises in specs to get that low price tag.

Anyway, that’s all the info that we have regarding the Nord N1 5G at this moment but we can expect more in the near future. Regarding the launch, as Max says, we will have to wait for some time (at least a couple of months) considering the N10 debuted just three months ago.


Meanwhile, the OnePlus 9 flagship is slated to debut on mid-March according to reports. This time, OnePlus is bringing a ‘Lite’ version to further split the series across different price points.



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