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Time to get back to the table with all new board games this Black Friday


Board games have made a huge comeback over the last few years, with a massive variety of different styles of play being available for all age groups. We love playing board games here at Mobile Nations, and we've put together some of our favorites that are available at a significant discount this Black Friday.

This is Lovecraft!

Mansions of Madness

Staff Pick

The Lovecraft Mythos is the place to be in board games. It adds exciting game mechanics and a sense of urgency. Mansions of Madness is the perfect Lovecraft game, complete with monstrous minis and even a connected app to help you defeat the Great Old Ones. I bought this today and you should as well!

$52 on sale at Amazon

Tacocat is Tacocat backwards

Exploding Kittens

One of the biggest Kickstarters in history, Exploding Kittens is a simple party game with some of the best art I've ever seen in a game. It's perfect to start your game night off with light mechanics, and full belly laughs.

$13 on sale at Amazon

For the adults

Cards Against Humanity

Another considerable Kickstarter success, Cards Against Humanity, is a bit more risque than Exploding Kittens. Actually, it's a lot more risque, with cards that are specifically designed to be as offensive as possible. This one is definitely for those adult game nights; no kids allowed!

$18 on Sale at Amazon

Got wood?


Catan is arguably the most popular of the modern board games. The settlement mechanics and trading system make for a solid hour of fun. There are expansions too, so the game is always fresh and enjoyable. Use this game to infect newcomers to your gaming table.

$25 on sale at Amazon

mphhh ghulp hdih

Watch ya' Mouth!

This game came out of nowhere and became a huge hit seemingly overnight. You have to use a weird mouth guard and then try to say words. Sounds simple right? It is, but it's also hilarious to watch people mangle words through the mouthpiece.


$11 on sale at Amazon

She's got a

Ticket To Ride – Europe

Ticket to Ride has been a favorite on our gaming table for years. All you need to do is connect routes across Europe to earn the most points. There is some fun strategy, though, so the game remains fun, no matter how many times you play. We usually play this near the end of the night as we are calming down the evening.

$27 on sale at Amazon

Cute little sushi

Sushi Go Party

Perfect for adults and kids alike, Sushi Go is a passing card game that forces you to give up your perfect hand each turn. It's a fast-paced game that fills in the gaps between the longer games nicely. Sushi Go is one of those games where the more people you have, the more fun it is, so the party edition as room for eight players to join in.


$13 on sale at Amazon

Don't roll the dice on these savings

Having a stock of board games to call on for parties is always a good idea. Black Friday gives you a chance to stock up on some classics, as well as new games you may never have played. Today I finally bought Mansions of Madness, a game I have wanted for years because the price was finally right. It's a connected game, with an app, which is a concept I love, and can't wait to try.

If you are looking for the lighter fare, I would recommend fast party games like Sushi Go party and Exploding Kittens. These types of card games are designed to fill the gaps between longer games and offer light-hearted fun at a low price.

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