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TikTok will force personalized ads on users starting April 15


With each passing quarter, TikTok sets a new growth benchmark, filling its coffers with more money and making lucrative deals riding a wave of unprecedented growth. Sounds familiar to what giants like Instagram once enjoyed? Well, TikTok is following in the footsteps a little too well, and the best example of that ‘inspiration’ is a privacy policy update around ads that will force users to watch personalized ads starting.

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You can't escape ads based on your TikTok activity starting April 15

TikTok users have started seeing a new notification when they open the app, telling them about a change in the ad settings that will show them ads based on their activity on TikTok. Previously, users were able to opt out of seeing personalized ads based on their in-app activity.

“You will still have control over whether ads can be more tailored to you based on data from our advertising partners.”

So, what is changing exactly with ads?

Well, personalized ads are served in two ways – based on your TikTok activity and based on user data collected by advertisers. So far, TikTok users could opt out of both. Starting April 15, you won’t be able to block ads shown to you based on your TikTok activity. However, TikTok will still give you a choice if you want to see ads based on user data accessible to its advertising partners.


It's nothing new. Rival social media platform follow the same path!

“Our goal is to help businesses reach the people they care about in a creative and meaningful way, while also respecting the privacy of our users,” a TikTok spokesperson was quoted as saying by Recode. It appears that TikTok wants to set things straight about its tracking and ad policies with users before Apple’s updated rules in iOS 14 go live, forcing each app to ask users for explicit permission when it comes to tracking them for showing targeted ads.

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