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Three Moto smartwatches to launch in 2021: Moto Watch, Moto Watch One, & Moto G Smartwatch


In late October 2019, a new Moto 360 smartwatch was unveiled by a Motorola brand licensee called eBuyNow. This company is now all set to introduce not one but three new Moto-branded smartwatches later this year. These wearables will be different from each other in terms of design and could be targeted at a different set of consumers.

Moto Watch One Leak

According to a sales presentation PDF file acquired by Twitter user Felipe Berhau, eBuyNow will be soon releasing the following three Motorola-branded smartwatches.

The screenshots shared by the person also reveal the design of these three upcoming wearables.

First and foremost, the Moto Watch will be identical to the Apple Watch and thus, it will be the first Motorola-branded smartwatch with a square dial. Whereas, the Moto Watch One and Moto G Smartwatch will sport a circular dial, just like the previous Moto 360 watches. However, the former will feature a classic design, while the latter will be sporty in looks.

Moto G Smartwatch Leak

Unfortunately, their specifications are a mystery but we can expect them to arrive with Google Wear OS like the previous watches from Motorola

. Anyway, it is possible that the Moto G Smartwatch, which we think will be the most affordable of the three, could come with different internals and software to keep the price down.

That’s because the Moto G lineup of smartphones is known for affordability. The devices in the series offer basic specs at a cheaper price tag. Anyway, this is merely speculation from our end and therefore, we could be wrong.


Last but not least, as per the PDF file, the Moto Watch and Moto Watch One will launch in July 2021. On the other hand, the Moto G Smartwatch will release a month earlier in June 2021.



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