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This wearable is scientifically-proven to help you recover from stress faster


Believe it or not, your body is actually incredibly efficient. It knows what it wants and needs; with proper time and care, the body will repair and regulate itself. At least, that’s how it performs in the natural world. In our tech-driven modern world, we toil with work-induced chronic stress, and while this is common, it certainly isn’t natural.

Underneath all the stress, your nervous system’s fight-or-flight response is constantly being triggered. This affects your heart rate variability (HRV) and makes it harder to relax, sleep, and focus. If not addressed, your stress will negatively impact your creativity and motivation, not to mention, it might lead to long-term health problems. Given that, can more technology, particularly this wearable Apollo Neuro band, bring your body back to a natural state of repair?

First thing’s first, Apollo Neuro is not a health tracker. It’s quite the opposite. Apollo Neuro is the first wearable that’s scientifically validated to improve the body’s resistance to stress. It achieves this through gentle vibrations that engage with your sense of touch and improve your HRV. This effectively calms your nervous system and allows you to recover from stress faster.

On a psychological level, Apollo’s vibrations are designed to make you feel safe and in control. The vibrations are customized to help you relax, fall asleep faster, clear your mind, focus, and stay energized. What’s most impressive is that the band can achieve this without drugs and with zero side effects.


With the Apollo mobile app, you can choose a mode to suit the mood you want to achieve. For example, the Energy and Wake Up mode helps you hop out of bed and get you ready for the day ahead. Alternatively, Social and Open can put you in the right mindset to make friends and build relationships.

Apollo Neuro has dozens of uses, but it’s most frequently used for sleep. If you’re a working professional with a particularly stressful job, Apollo Neuro can help you manage your stress and unwind after a demanding day. If you consider yourself a “biohacker,” Apollo Neuro can also help you maximize your sleep and stress levels in order to reach peak physical performance. Apollo Neuro also has applications in health care, as it can help relieve conditions such as insomnia, ADHD, and PTSD.


Stress management is all about how secure we feel, and Apollo Neuro addresses that by restoring balance in your nervous system. If you’ve been looking for a natural way to relieve your stress, you’re in luck. Pocketnow readers can grab an Apollo Neuro for 10% off in the next 60 days.

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