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This Prime Day espresso maker deal is hot like a damn fine cup of coffee


Sboly Espresso Maker HeroSource: Amazon

Looking for a great Prime Day espresso maker deal? Look no further than the Sboly Espresso Maker with Milk Frother, which 35% off on Prime Day! That makes it $42.89, which is an unbelievable deal when you think that just seven cups of espresso from your local coffee chain costs just as much. That means, if you get a cup of espresso every day, you'll make up the price of this espresso maker in a single week. Now that's some serious savings!

Sboly Espresso Maker with Milk Frother

Need a cup of espresso? How about a fancy latte? You can do it all with this espresso maker, and it only costs as much as a few cups of coffee on Prime Day!

I already picked one of these up myself and made a pumpkin spice latte the second I opened the box. It's a super high-quality espresso maker that'll get your espresso at just the right temperature — around 185 degrees Fahrenheit — and even includes a milk frother so you can get that perfect head of foam on your latte. You can either steam the milk right in your mug or grab a metal container to make a larger batch.


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