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This Prime Day deal makes your face mask fit better


Face Mask Metal StripsSource: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

That's a cute mask, right? It's a pity Disney couldn't be bothered to put proper contouring strips into the bridge of its masks, but that's OK. I can fix them, and it doesn't even take a sewing machine or a seamripper to do it. Before I head out, I just grab one of these aluminum strips, slap it across the top of my mask, and then shape it to fit my nose and cheeks. The mask stops slipping around on my face and I'm not fogging up my glasses with every other breath.

And with this Prime Day deal, you can get them at three pennies apiece in a multi-pack that should (hopefully) last you and your family until a vaccine becomes available.

Stick on salvation

90mm Metal Nose Strip for Masks with Adhesive

Whether you're using disposable masks or cloth masks, if they didn't come with a nose wire built-in, you need to stick one of these on so you get a proper seal around your nose. Not only does it help prevent glasses from fogging, it also improves fit and should hopefuly put an end to your mask sliding down while you talk.

I bought a nice big pack like this for my mother when the pandemic began so she could sew them into homemade masks for herself and the rest of the family, but when I returned to Florida and started using store-bought masks — because, c'mon, just look at how cute these Disney masks are

!!! — I bought another pack just for myself. They've really cut down on the amount my masks fog up while I'm wearing them around in the Florida humidity, and more importantly, it keeps the mask from shifting or slipping down whenever I talk.

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Wearing a mask with a nose wire isn't just a benefit for you. It also helps limit air from escaping around the top of your mask and thus helps limit the spreading of any germs or active viruses in your respiratory tract. So do it for your friends, do it for your neighbors, and do it for yourself because a comfy mask is easier to keep on for longer periods of time. And while you're at it, stock up on hand sanitizer.

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