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This platform is helping adults brush up on math, science, and computer science for fun


You don’t have to stop learning just because you’ve graduated from school. In fact, it gets easier as you get older because you can choose the subjects you’re interested in and the rate you want to learn at. But learning is an active choice, and you need to constantly challenge yourself with harder material in order to progress to higher levels.

Challenging yourself to learn more and keep your mind sharp is a great way to improve yourself personally and professionally. If you’re looking for a great way to test your skills and satisfy your craving for knowledge, you should check out Brilliant. This interactive platform is ideal if you want to delve into the world of math, science, and computer science, even if you never excelled in those subjects in school.

Brilliant Premium members get access to over 60 fun and challenging explorations in math, science, and computer science. Each of these courses is 100% interactive and beautifully designed to help you visualize and develop an intuition for tough concepts while developing your quantitative and analytical skills.


For example, one of Brilliant’s most popular courses is its Logic course, which contains 37 interactive quizzes and over 265 concepts and exercises that require you to use limited information to make predictions. You’ll build your critical thinking skills while learning how to spot fallacies, navigate game theory, understand machine logic, and much more.

As adults, Brilliant’s low-pressure environment is a welcome change from what we experienced in school. Brilliant’s goal is to get students and professionals to develop a long-term commitment to learning, so you can focus on the topics that you’re truly passionate and curious about.

Learning is a lifelong process, and Brilliant makes the process of learning intuitive and fun. Annual Brilliant Premium membership costs just $12.98 per month, but the first 200 readers who sign up can get 20% off their membership for a whole year and start learning new skills as soon as tonight.

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