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This last-minute Cyber Monday deal is the perfect nightstand charger


We're winding down on Cyber Monday, but there's still a few more deals worth snagging before you drift off to sleep. When I'm done writing this post, I'm heading into my pitch black bedroom, slipping under my weighted blanket, and throwing my Pixel 4 on a charger so that it recovers after a long day of video calls and Disney Emoji Blitz.

I won't have to hassle with getting a cable lined up or plugged in all the way, like you probably do right now. I'll plop my phone down on my charging pad in total darkness, see the screen light up to indicate it's charging, and then I'll roll over and pass out. And you can do the same with this charging pad from Anker.

Look, ma! No wires!

Anker PowerWave Pad

This charger can go up to 10W fast charging for Samsung phones and 7.5W for Apple phones, but the best part is that this round charger is easy to line up your phone no matter how tired you are.


$8 at Amazon

Anker's pad isn't the fastest wireless charging speed ever released, but it's still a good charging speed for Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones, and even the 5W wireless charging is a fine speed for your nightstand since you're going to be parking your phone on it for 6-8 hours. The charging LED for this pad is easy to spot when you need to tell if your phone is charging, but still small and easy to cover up with your phone if you prefer to sleep in an inky abyss like me.


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