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This is the biggest no-brainer phone accessory you can buy on Black Friday


Stop reaching; just buy a longer cable.

Cables are never long enough. Whether you're trying to charge your phone on the couch, next to your bed or in the airport terminal, the outlet is always just a little too far to charge while also comfortably using the phone. That's because most people's USB cables are only about 3 feet long. You can fix that by buying this two-pack of 6-foot long cables; and you'll only spend about $6 thanks to Black Friday

You'll use them

AUKEY 6-foot USB-A to USB-C Braided Nylon Cable (2-pack)

$6 at Amazon

Fix your charging frustration for the cost of a couple cups of coffee.

Most charge cables are only about 3 feet long; why not get some new cables that are twice as long? Aukey makes great accessories, and these braided cables will last you for years of (more comfortable) wired charging.


Aukey makes some of our favorite charging accessories, and I personally use these 6-foot cables every day to charge up my phones. The braided lines are durable and hold up to repeated tugs and wrapping up to stick in bags when I travel. They also come with great hook-and-loop cable ties, which is a must-have for these longer cables that can get unruly when you're trying to bring them places.


Even if you think you don't need more cables, you definitely need more cables. And for $6, I can guarantee you'll find value in having a couple of these around to quickly deploy in your time of charging need.

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