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This highly-rated vacuum is a third of the price of a Dyson on Prime Day


Tineco A11 HeroSource: Tineco

If you're shopping for a cordless vacuum during Prime Day, what brand are you looking at? Chances are, it's Dyson. Dyson has done an incredible job of building a reputation around itself as the go-to brand for high-quality vacuums, but it's also far from the only company in this space. This Prime Day, we'd urge you to expand your horizons and check out the Tineco A11 Hero. It's a vacuum you've likely never heard of before, but the value it offers is amazing.

Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Vacuum | $138 off at Amazon

Everyone knows Dyson as the go-to brand for cordless vacuums, but this Prime Day, the one that has our attention is the Tineco A11 Hero. All of the core features are here, including powerful suction, 40-minute battery life, and a roomy 0.6L dustbin. You also get a total of four attachments, allowing you to clean whatever comes your way.

Just like Dyson's cordless vacuums, the Tineco A11 Hero has a versatile design that can change on the fly for different cleaning situations. Use the long tube to tidy up your floors, and for more precise tasks, you can use any of the three handheld attachments. Tineco offers a small tube for cleaning tight areas, one designed to pick up hair/fur, and another with a larger suction area and brushes for cleaning up big messes.

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Tineco promises powerful suction no matter what you're vacuuming, and with the main tube attachment, you even get a full-size brush and LED headlights so you can see what you're doing during late-night cleaning sessions (admit it, we've all been there).

You're also getting a 0.6L dustbin that ensures you aren't constantly having to empty the vacuum, and with a battery that's rated for up to 40 minutes of use per charge, you shouldn't have any problem getting your cleaning done before needing to charge up. Just like any Dyson, Tineco even gives you a free wall mount for the A11 Hero that doubles as its charging station.

There are other vacuums out there that are more powerful and have more features than the A11 Hero, but as a reliable cordless vacuum that's ready for just about any task, it fits the bill perfectly.

Making all of this that much better is the Tineco A11 Hero's price. It normally costs $319, but during Prime Day, it can be yours for just $181 — a 43% discount! That's a fraction of what most Dyson vacuums will cost you, making this an unbeatable value that you don't want to ignore.

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