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This course is your first step in becoming a certified project manager


What would organizations be without project managers? Unproductive, that’s what. They make sure that every business initiative is carried out smoothly from conceptualization and planning down to quality control and delivery. Their skill in overseeing every aspect of operations makes project managers in demand in pretty much every industry.

If you would like to forge a career in the lucrative field that is project management, you can get premium training from the Complete 2020 PMP Training Bundle. Now on sale for over 90% off, it includes 150 hours of learning material, filling you in on agile and scrum principles and how to propel a team to success.

This e-learning bundle was put together by ITU Online, winner of 4 Best in Biz Awards, including Most Innovative Company of the Year. Comprised of 10 extensive courses, it will get you to grips with different project management methodologies like Six Sigma, Scrum Master, and Agile. It even includes training on a slew of project management certification exams, allowing you to pass them with flying colors.


For a limited time, the Complete 2020 PMP Training Bundle is on sale for $59.99. That’s a savings of 93% from the original cost of $999.

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