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This 2TB hard drive deal is the perfect Prime Day PS4 upgrade


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The best time to upgrade your PS4 hard drive was yesterday, but the second best time is now on Amazon Prime Day. I own a handful of portable external hard drives from Western Digital, ranging from 1TB to 4TB. I think its 2TB option is a happy medium that'll be the most useful for people at the right price, and there's a sale going on for Prime Day right now on a lot of PS4 accessories, so you can get it even cheaper.

Extra storage

WD 2TB Gaming Drive

Just in time for PS5

The single terabyte of storage that comes with the PlayStation 4 is never enough, especially if you frequently buy a lot of games. Instead of deleting half of your library, pick up a portable external hard drive for the convenience. Just plug it in and you're ready to go.

Games are larger than ever nowadays, easily taking up 50GB or even a whopping 100GB depending on the title. The internal hard drive that comes with your PS4 (likely 1TB if you've bought your console within the last couple of years) just doesn't cut it. It can hold a handful of AAA blockbusters max, maybe over a dozen if you find some smaller indie games. I've been using a 2TB hard drive with my PS4 Pro since the moment I got it, and I wouldn't be able to live without with extra storage.


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Western Digital is a trusted brand in the HDD space and offers a three-year limited warranty with the hard drive on sale today. Not that I've ever had to use this warranty, but it's nice for peace of mind at the very least. Even though the PS5 uses an SSD, you can still plug in your external hard drive and play your PS4 games through backward compatibility on the upcoming console.

I really can't stress enough how important storage space is in the digital age. 2TB is a good size for most people, so don't miss out while it's on sale.

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