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These Sun Joe electric tool savings are your time to shine this Prime Day


Sun Joe Spx3000 Pressue Washer LifestyleSource: Amazon

Even though summer is winding down, there's still plenty of projects that you can knock out while saving some money on Sun Joe electric tools this Prime Day. I love the pressure washer I picked up last year during Prime Day, and the updated version is even cheaper this year! Check out these fantastic Prime Day deals on tools to handle most any project you have any time of the year.

Destroy the grime:

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressue Washer

This electric pressure washer pumps out up to 1.76 gallons per minute at a max of 2,030 psi — that's some serious water pressure. You also get five different quick-connect tips and a detergent tank for an all-in-one cleaning solution.

$104 at Amazon

Cordless cleaning:

Sun Joe 24V-PP350-BDL Cordless Power Cleaner

If you need to blast some filth from nearly anything but don't want to haul a hose or a cord, this is the tool for you. All you have to have is a freshwater source for the siphon hose to pull from.
With up to 350 psi of spray power and the freedom of a battery, there's nowhere you can't clean.

$116 at Amazon

Chop chop:

Sun Joe 24V-10CS Cordless Chain Saw

I have been a gas saw user for years and was very surprised by an electric saw's power. With its 10-inch bar and a 24-volt battery, you'll be able to clear out brush and branches up to 9.5-inches thick. Time to get rid of those precarious limbs around the house.

$103 at Amazon

Harness the wind:

Sun Joe 24V-WSB-LTE Blower Vac

With up to 185-MPH of cordless wind-power pushing 92-CFM at your whim, this compact blower will clean up a dirty workspace in no time. There are attachments to help you get into tight spaces that need to be cleaned and a debris bag for vacuuming up as you go as well.


$76 at Amazon

Jet power:

Sun Joe 24V-TB-LTE Jet Blower

If you have some serious cleaning to do, then reach for this turbine jet blower to do the work. The beast moves 280-CFM of air at up to 100-MPH; this means that you are going to be able to make quick work of any leaves, dirt, or other debris in no time.

$49 at Amazon

Abolish weeds:

Sun Joe SJ-APS-1G Cordless Chemical Sprayer

If you are tired of carrying around a pump sprayer as you stalk the weeds around your yard, then this cordless sprayer will make your weed killing life much better. You can spray up to 15-gallons per charge with the simple pull of the trigger — no more pumping!

$52 at Amazon

Winter is approaching:

Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Snow Thrower

You're covered for winter work, too, with this electric snow thrower. This thing can move up to 720-pounds of snow per minute and throw it up to 25' away — that's a lot of back-saving work. You can get to work early in the morning or late into the night with its included light.

$127 at Amazon

Power tools

Don't let your yard work be harder than it has to be. Get yourself, or someone else, an electric tool this Prime Day and make life easier for everyone. If you have some cleaning to do inside your home, these great Prime Day deals on cordless vacuums will be a blessing.

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