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These Samsung wearables won’t work with the Galaxy S21 and other 2021 phones


if the rumors are true, then the Galaxy S21 series should arrive next month. While folks are excited, their arrival may bring bad news for owners of certain Samsung wearables, as they won’t be compatible with the new phones.

Samsung Gear 2
Samsung Gear 2

The news which was first reported by GalaxyClub, says the info came via a notification in the Samsung Members app which said that older Gear wearables will not work with phones released in 2021. Below is the list of the wearables:

  • Gear1
  • Gear2
  • Gear2 Neo
  • Gear S
  • Gear Fit

The above-listed devices were launched between 2013 and 2014, which makes them at least 6 years old, so it is understandable why Samsung is ending their support next year.

These wearables will not only work with the Galaxy S21 series but other Samsung phones launching next year including the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip foldable as well as more affordable phones such as the Galaxy A32

and Galaxy A52.

However, they will continue to work with older devices including those that were announced this year.


Samsung no longer uses the Gear brand name for its wearables including earbuds. It switched to Galaxy a few years ago which is why we have the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Fit, and Galaxy Buds line of wearables.

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