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These pet products saved my life and are dirt cheap on Prime Day


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These pet products saved my life, and for Prime Day maybe they can save yours too. I adopted a dog (in the photo above) back in January of 2020, before the pandemic really hit. I knew what I was getting myself into, but I had forgotten how much dirt dogs bring in. And she sheds a lot. I didn't realize how much a fur a corgi/heeler mix has. I joke that my apartment has weekly tumbleweeds of fur roll through it. Because of this, I scour Amazon for deals on pet products constantly. These are just a few that I will absolutely swear by.

A blessing

ChomChom Roller Dog Hair Remover

It seriously works like magic

The ChomChom Roller Dog Hair Remover uses static electricity to pick up unwanted fur all over your furniture. It's completely reusable and doesn't need any batteries or sticky adhesive. I can't recommend it enough.

The ChomChom roller is used every day in my apartment. As soon as my dog even looks at a piece of furniture, there's fur on it. My neighbors frequently comment on how much she sheds. All I do now is take the ChomChom to my couch and recliner and they're almost as good as new. You'll need to empty it out every few days (or weeks) depending on how much your dogs sheds, and it's as easy as opening the lid and dumping the fur out. It takes a bit of effort as you have to roll it forcefully enough to build up static electricity, but it's well worth it. Plus you can even say it gives you a workout. Win/win in my book.



FURemover Rubber Broom

Perfect for carpets and hardwood floors

You'll never want to use a regular broom again once you've use a rubber broom like this. It expertly sweeps up dog fur with little hassle and it works on carpets and rugs better than some vacuums. It's one of the best purchases I ever made.

It became quickly apparent after I adopted by dog that a regular broom wasn't going to cut it. All too often it'd miss fur, spread it around even more, and not do its job properly. I don't have those issues with this FURemover. It picks up nearly all dog fur on my floor with little effort. I'd be willing to eat off of my floor after using this, and that's saying something considering the amount of dirt she also brings in from outside. What's even better is that it's great at sweeping fur off of carpets as well, so long as you use a little muscle.


Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Safe and secure

This Rabbitgoo harness is perfect for every size dog, features two leash clips, reflective material, helps a dog work on not pulling, and is basically escape-proof. It comes in a variety of colors, so get the one that best suits you and your dog.

I've purchased a few collars and harnesses for my dog just to see what works best, and I love what Rabbitgoo offers. My sister even uses it for each of her three dogs as well. Not only is it comfortable for dogs and has reflective material for night time, but it's also very secure. My dog is a little escape artist and has somehow shimmied out of her other harnesses a few times. I never have to worry about that with the Rabbitgoo harness. It also helps that it blocks a lot of the mud from clinging to her stomach since she's so low to the ground with her short legs. Not an advertised benefit, but one I appreciate nonetheless.

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