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These are the cases you should get for your Nokia 4.2


It's super important to make sure that any phone that you buy nowadays is protected, whether that means with a skin, case, or anything else that you want to use to keep your hard-earned dollars protected. With the number of smartphones that we have had our hands on over the years, we have tried even more cases to see which you should consider keeping your phone safe. With the Nokia 4.2, this device has become increasingly popular due to its low price point and solid performance in a gorgeous package.

Old-school cool

CruzerLite Carbon Fiber and Leather TPU Case

Staff pick

Old-school Android users will remember the hay-days of Cruzerlite and their awesome Bugdroid cases. The company is not as popular as it once was but still makes some solid cases for an array of devices, including the Nokia 4.2. This TPU case sports a carbon fiber and leather texture, keeping your device free from fingerprints while ensuring it doesn't fall from your hands.

$9 at Amazon

Show it off

TiYa Clear TPU Case

What's the point of buying a flashy new phone if you just plan to hide it beneath a case? The TiYa Clear TPU case makes it so that you can show off the Nokia 4.2 in all of its glory. The four corners of the case are a bit thicker than the rest of the case to keep your phone safe from accidental drops.

$8 at Amazon

Flexible and protective

MAIKEZI Soft TPU Case Cover

Big and bulky cases can be rather frustrating and end up adding to much heft to your phone. This slim case from MAIKEZI solves that by both offering a slim design, along with being made from TPU. The combination of flexible, slim, and protective can't be overstated, plus DagoRoo offers a 60-day warranty on its case.

$7 at Amazon

Minimal with perfect cutouts

Tianyd Ultra-thin Protective Cover

The Tianyd Ultra-thin cover almost feels like a skin, and it has precise cutouts so that you will still have access to all of the buttons on your Nokia 4.2. In addition to offering a bit more protection than a skin, the case comes in six different colors to choose from.

$12 at Amazon

Flower power

Starhemei Shock-resistant Cover

Some folks out there don't want a boring old case with a basic color. Instead, they want a design to accentuate the phone, along with adding some personality. This TPU case from Starhemei comes in either a Penoy or Rose pattern, along with being clear so that you can still see the phone itself.


$6 at Amazon

Fashionable and functional

FirstCover Premium Leather Wallet Case

Wallet cases are vastly underrated, and the FirstCover Premium Leather Wallet for the Nokia 4.2 is a great way to stop carrying too many items. The case sports three card slots, along with a pocket for any cash or receipts. As an added bonus, FirstCover includes a free screen protector, and a wrist strap to make carrying your phone easier.

$9 at Amazon

Keep it in your hand

8Wireless Rotating Ring Case

Popsockets are all the craze now that are phones are getting larger, making them more difficult to handle. With a case like the 8Wireless Rotating Ring Case, you won't need to worry about installing a Popsocket, as there is a rotating ring built-in.


$7 at Amazon

Rugged and shockproof

LiuShan Shockproof Dual Layer Case

There are some folks out there who just can't handle having a lightweight or ultra-thin case on their phones. That's where options such as the LiuShan Shockproof Case comes into play with its dual-layer design. The case even includes a built-in kickstand so you can prop up the Nokia 4.2 to watch your favorite Disney+ show.

$8 at Amazon

Keep your Nokia 4.2 safe from harm

Our favorite case for the Nokia 4.2 is easily the CruzerLite TPU Case due to its flexible TPU design and the combination of carbon fiber and leather texture. These will help to keep your phone in your hands and away from a pavement disaster.

Perhaps the most versatile case comes from FirstCover, as this Leather Wallet Case allows for users to store three cards, along with some cash. Along with that, the company includes a free wrist strap for easier carrying, along with a free screen protector to give you 360-degrees of protection.

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