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These are the best Fire TV Edition TVs you can get right now


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Fire TV Edition Televisions
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By now, almost everyone has heard of or has purchased a Fire TV box, stick, or some similar competing product from Roku or Apple. If not, you likely own a "smart TV" with certain apps built-in. The Fire TV Edition sets to bridge the gap between these devices and make your entertainment delivery more seamless. Our overall favorite is the Toshiba LF711U20 series, which is available in several manageable sizes and is an affordable entry into the 4K world of Fire TVs. There are a lot of other great choices, too, though, so let's take a look.

Best Overall: Toshiba LF711U20 Series

Toshiba 4K Fire TV

Toshiba 4K Fire TVSource: Amazon

Toshiba was one of the first TV manufacturers that Amazon partnered with to make its Fire TV Edition smart TVs, and the company makes some of the most affordable ultra high definition sets on the market. The LF711U20 line brings the full Fire TV operating system experience to your TV without the need for a separate stick or set-top box. The standard Fire TV apps like Prime Video and Netflix are included, and you can download hundreds of other apps, games, and Amazon Channels like HBO, Cinemax, and Starz.

This line of 4K Fire TV Edition sets is available in 43, 50, and 55-inch versions, starting at affordable price points. Some of the variants have Dolby Vision included as well, and all are equipped with an Amazon Alexa Voice Remote, so you can issue commands to the Amazon smart assistant for navigating the TV interface or calling up a particular movie, show, or app.


  • Fire TV experience built-in
  • Most sizes come with Dolby Vision
  • Continuous updates
  • Affordable price points
  • Comes with Amazon Alexa Voice Remote


  • Screens are LED, not OLED
  • Some customers have audio complaints

Best Overall

Toshiba LF711U20 Series

4K UHD for all

The Toshiba line of 4K UHD Fire TV Edition sets is a great value if you're looking for an integrated smart TV experience at a competitive price.

Best Affordable Option: Toshiba LF221U19 32-inch

Toshiba HD Fire TV

Toshiba HD Fire TVSource: Amazon

If you are looking for a smart TV in the Amazon ecosystem but either don't care about 4K UHD resolution or you just want to save a little bit of money, then this smaller HD Fire TV Edition from Toshiba is worthy of your consideration. It comes in a 32-inch size that is particularly ideal for bedrooms, apartments, or smaller spaces in general.

Even though the resolution on this set is not as high as the 4K UHD models, you still get all of the Fire TV OS goodies that you would on the higher-end TVs. You get an Amazon Alexa Voice Remote, which you can use to operate the TV, search for shows, and control your smart home devices. You also get the benefit of automatic software updates.


  • Great value
  • Size is ideal for smaller spaces
  • All of the apps and services of 4K UHD versions
  • Automatic software updates
  • Amazon Alexa Voice Remote


  • Lower resolution
  • Size tops out at 32 inches

Best Affordable Option

Toshiba LF221U19 Series

Outstanding entry price

This Toshiba HD Fire TV Edition set brings all of the smarts of the higher resolution TVs to an even more affordable price point.

Best for the Game Room: Insignia DF710NA19 Series

Insignia 4K Fire TV

Insignia 4K Fire TVSource: Amazon

Like the Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition sets, Insignia's 4K series starts at a very affordable price point for a 43-inch model and is available in 50 and 55-inch versions as well. As with the other TVs on this list, you get the full-featured Fire TV operating system as well as an Alexa Voice Remote to control your smart TV.

The familiar Fire TV experience is easy to navigate with the remote in the traditional way too, of course, and watching the latest episodes of Jack Ryan or the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is so enjoyable on that ultra-high-definition screen with over eight million pixels. This is a great TV to play video games on as well — the colors just really POP! It also has a low input lag, and a good response time, which also makes it great for gaming.


  • Amazing entry price
  • Low input lag for gaming
  • Easy-to-use Fire TV operating system
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  • Multiple sizes available
  • Amazon Alexa Voice Remote


  • Not OLED
  • Remote quick use buttons may not be helpful

Best for the Game Room

Insignia DF710NA19 Series

Another great 4K UHD set

If you are unable to pick up the Toshiba or just want a different alternative, you can't go wrong with this high-end Insignia Fire TV Edition set.

Best German Option: Grundig Fire TV Editions

Grundig Fire TV

Grundig Fire TVSource: Amazon

At the IFA 2019 trade show in Berlin, Amazon debuted several updates to the Fire TV line, including the expansion of the Fire TV Edition program to Europe. For the German market, Amazon partnered with longtime German electronics manufacturer Grundig to make its Fire TV Edition sets for Europe's largest economy. Grundig started out with HD and UHD versions of these smart TVs and is now the first manufacturer to roll out an OLED model.

The OLED model is one of the first with hands-free Alexa controls. This means you can shout out to the TV to ask Alexa to do things like changing the channel or check on your Ring doorbell… something you needed an Echo or Alexa Voice Remote to do previously. This is also the first Fire TV Edition available with the high contrast OLED screen technology, so if you are in Germany and can pick one up, we highly recommend it (and are über jealous that we can't!).


  • Fire TV Editions now available in Germany
  • OLED option now available


  • Only available in Germany, for now
  • OLED model is very expensive
  • Hands-free Alexa only on OLED model

Best German Options

Grundig OLED Fire TV Editions

Über awesome

Our German friends can now enjoy the Fire TV Edition experience thanks to these models from Grundig.

Bottom line

Amazon is really hitting hard in the smart streaming space, and these latest Fire TV Editions from Toshiba and Insignia have raised the bar another notch. Our top choice on this list has to be the Toshiba LF711U20 Series

of 4K UHD Fire TV Edition sets.

These Toshibas have all the top specs you would look for in a mid-range smart TV like 4K UHD and available Dolby Vision, with the benefit of Amazon's intuitive Fire TV operating system built-in. Having Alexa available through the included voice remote is a huge bonus as well, as you can use this device like your smart home controller to monitor your Ring Doorbell, Blink cameras, or Ecobee thermostats. We also like that they come in sizes that are not absurdly large for most rooms and that they are affordably-priced for 4K smart TVs.

Whichever Fire TV set you choose, you're going to get a great viewing experience with Alexa smarts built-in at a reasonable price. Choose wisely, and start enjoying all of that great content soon with your friends and family!

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