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The very best Motorola One 5G Ace cases (so far)


Motorola One 5G Ace Cases
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The Motorola One 5G Ace has landed in the U.S. with the title of being Motorola's most affordable 5G phone to-date. It has a big display, ample performance, and a massive battery — all at a great and affordable retail price. If you recently picked up a One 5G Ace or plan on doing so, here are a few case recommendations so you can keep your new phone in tip-top shape for years to come!

Can't go wrong:

Sucnakp Heavy Duty Case

Staff Pick

If you'd like to keep your case shopping as simple as can be, just buy this one from Sucnakp. The heavy-duty design allows for really good protection, giving you a shockproof TPU construction to protect against drops, shocks, and bumps. You can also look forward to accurate button cutouts, ample grip, and a free one-year warranty that comes with your purchase.

$8 at Amazon

Great alternative:

Osophter TPU Rubber Protective Case

A great alternative to that Sucnakp case comes from Osophter. It has a slimmer design that some may find more comfortable in daily use, but even so, you still get shock-absorption coverage with the TPU design. You also have a couple of colors to choose from, as opposed to the single black color provided by Sucnakp.

$8 at Amazon

Clear as day:

Osophter Clear Transparent Case

The Motorola One 5G Ace isn't the absolute best-looking phone we've ever seen, but if you are a fan of the way the phone looks, you'll want a case that lets its natural aesthetic shine through. This case does exactly that without making any compromises. The case is also shock-proof, has extended bumpers on all four corners, and is easy to install.

$8 at Amazon

Have some fun:

Dzxouui Glitter Case

Let's say you can't stand the way the One 5G Ace looks and want to add some pizazz. In that case, you get this glitter case from Dzxouui. Available in two distinct styles, Dzxouui's case provides an ultra-unique design, precise button cutouts, drop protection, and a money-back guarantee.

$9 at Amazon

Maximum protection:

Yznoek Rugged Dual Layer Case

Some people prefer style over function, but if you're a self-proclaimed butterfingers and need all the help you can get, turn your attention towards the Yznoek Rugged Dual Layer Case. Offered in four colors, this case has everything you could ask for: a dual-layer design, foldable kickstand, included screen protector, and more!


$8 at Amazon

Wonderful wallet:

TingYR Wallet Case

Sometimes you just can't beat a good wallet case, and when it comes to the Motorola One 5G Ace, we recommend checking out the TingYR Wallet Case. Design-wise, the case features a stunning butterfly/floral pattern that comes in a bunch of colors. Functionally, it can hold up to three cards, loose cash, and has a built-in wrist strap.

$13 at Amazon

Plenty to choose from

Whether it's the Motorola One 5G Ace or another one of the best cheap Android phones, having a case (or two) in your arsenal is always a good idea. In the case of the One 5G Ace, one of our top recommendations is the Sucnakp Heavy Duty Case. It offers excellent protection for your phone, has a good-looking design, and is about as affordable as you could ask for. Again, if you want to keep your case shopping to a minimum, just buy this one and be on your way.

Should you prefer clear cases, the Osophter Clear Transparent Case is an easy choice. The clear design serves its purpose, it has a great price, and the four bumpers on the corners allow for surprisingly broad drop protection.


If that's somehow not enough defense for you, you're probably better off with something like the Yznoek Rugged Dual Layer Case. The dual-layer design is as rugged as they come, the foldable kickstand is a huge convenience, and the inclusion of a free screen protector makes this one of the best values on the entire list.

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