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The Shark robot vacuum down to $335 for Prime Day empties its own dustbin


Robot vacuum cleaners inhabit a weird space for people like me. On the one hand they seem like luxuries. After all, I know how to clean things and sweep things and the tools required are very cheap. On the other hand, they add a lot of convenience to your life. With spot cleaning and scheduled times, a robot vacuum could be considered an essential convenience. That's why Prime Day is the perfect time to get one. The huge price drops take the edge off that idea of it being a "luxury" and move it into a more affordable range.

Right now for Prime Day you can get the Shark IQ RV1001AE XL self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner for its lowest price ever at $334.99. This is a robot vacuum that more often sells for around $600, so the discount is pretty huge. Even when it has gone on sale in the past it has only dropped to around $450, so this Prime Day deal really stands out.

Low low price

Shark IQ self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner

A smart robot vacuum that maps your home, works with smart home ecosystems, and even has the ability to empty its own dustbin so you don't have to worry about it for a month at a time.

$334.99 $600 $265 off

One of the keys to this particular robot vacuum is its ability to empty its own dustbin into its base. The base can hold up to 30 days worth of debris. If you have the Shark set on a schedule that works for you, that means you can basically ignore it for 30 days and let it do its thing. Compared to other robot vacuums where you have to empty them after every session, that's a huge convenience.


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It's also a very powerful robot vacuum that can suck up both large and small debris. It's even strong enough to clean up pet hair on carpets, and the self-cleaning brushroll will remove any hairs that get tangled up while it's cleaning.

Use the SharkClean app on your phone to customize the vacuum's pathing. Set schedules. Target specific rooms. Set up voice control via Amazon Alexa or google" 52269 rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Google Assistant so you can control it with voice commands. The robot vacuum maps your home so you can be really specific about where you want it to go.

It has a long-lasting battery, but it doesn't matter much. The robot vacuum is smart enough that when the battery runs low it will return to its charging dock, charge back up, then continue where it left off. You won't have to go searching for your robot vacuum.

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