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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 may be closer than expected


Well, it seems that we may soon see a new Samsung Galaxy Watch. Rumors concerning the successor of the Watch 3 are starting to appear more frequently. The latest one comes from a very reliable source, and he suggests that we may not have to wait until August for the arrival of the possible Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 was launched in August 2020, so it was safe to assume that a possible successor was going to arrive around the same time. However, well-known leaker IceUniverse believes that the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 may arrive sometime in the second quarter of 2021. He also believes that the two new Galaxy Watches will be called the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch Active 4.

It is believed that the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will arrive w ith a non-intrusive blood glucose level reading feature, as well as ECG

, Fall Detection, and the SpO2 reading that are found in previous models. However, it seems that we may be missing out on the skin temperature monitoring feature. According to previous rumors, Samsung may also be planning on ditching its TizenOS to give us a new Galaxy Watch with Google’s WearOS.

This is not the first time we get rumors mentioning the possibility of getting a new Samsung Galaxy Watch with WearOS. IceUniverse said this a couple of weeks ago, and the latest evidence of a new Galaxy Watch with WearOS was found by ivan_meler, a recognized developer over at XDA. He found a device with the codename Merlot in the kernel source code for the Samsung Galaxy S20. Still, there have been no further mentions of Merlot.


However, it is believed that this project was renamed to become Fresh or Wise, which are the codenames for the two new Galaxy Watches that may arrive soon. We will only have to wait and see which of these is the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the Watch Active 4 variant.

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