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The Samsung Galaxy S21 is also getting amazing BOGO deals at Verizon.


Earlier today, we saw a couple of iPhones getting some love before valentine’s day over at Verizon, as you can get two iPhone 12 devices for the price of one. You can also get a new iPhone 11 Pro with $640 savings or a new iPhone XR for free after meeting certain conditions. However, we are getting more deals on the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S21.

You can currently get two Samsung Galaxy S21 devices for the price of one. That is, of course, if you add a new line to your service on one of Verizon’s eligible Unlimited plans, and you must also purchase the devices with Verizon’s monthly payments. By doing this, you will receive up to $800 over 24 months, which would cover the price of one of your new devices.

Still, that’s not the only option for you to get a new Galaxy S21, as Verizon is also giving you up to $750 off when you trade in an eligible device, and you add a new line to your Unlimited plan, and your final option comes when you upgrade your device, and that will get you $600 off, but you will also have to trade in a device in good condition. If you’re curious as to how much you would have to pay for the different variants of the Galaxy S21, well, the vanilla version will cost you $33.33 a month for the next two years, while the Galaxy S21+ will set you back $33.33 for a total of 30 months. Finally, you can grab the Galaxy S21 Ultra for 39.99 or $49.99, depending on whether you want to pay for 30 or 24 months.

    Samsung Galaxy S21
    Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus
    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

However, options don’t end there, as you can also head over to and check out the latest deals on the Samsung Galaxy S21 and other great devices. First, you can get the vanilla variant with 128GB storage starting at $75 when you choose to go for a phone locked to the carrier of your choice or get it unlocked for $100, after an eligible trade-in, that is.


The Galaxy S21 Plus is also on sale, and you can get one for $300, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra would cost you $500. The next best thing comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series, which is available for just $450 in its entry-level variant, while the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra can be yours for $750. And Samsung’s best-selling device in the fourth quarter of 2020 is also available, and you can get your very own Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for just $425. Just remember that you must have an eligible device to trade-in if you wish to get these awesome discounts.

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Series
    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series
    Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

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