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The Roav Viva puts Alexa in your car for cheap


When you're driving it can be helpful to have a smart voice assistant at the ready to handle any requests you may have for music selection, driving directions, or communications. The Roav Viva is an Alexa-enabled device that plugs into the cigarette lighter/power port of your car and allows you to use Alexa for hands-free, distraction-free driving support.

We just found one of the best deals ever on this device. Prime members can save up to half-off with a clickable coupon to pick one up for $18. That's a savings of over $20!

Hit the road with Alexa

Roav Viva Alexa-enabled Charger

Alexa can be your copilot

Anker makes some really great charging devices, but this is one of our favorites. You can talk to Alexa hands-free while driving, and charge your phone and a friend's phone at the same time.

$17.89 $39.89 $22 off

From $18 at Amazon

I've had one of these in my vehicle since it was launched last year and I've loved the convenience it brings. My car does not have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, so this was not only the cheapest way for me to bring my preferred smart voice assistant in my car, but it was also the most attractive option, in my opinion. The Echo Auto is a fine device, but you have to mount it to your console or to an air conditioner vent, whereas this little device plugs right into the charging port in your vehicle, with no cords to mess with. Plus, it has two USB ports on the side/bottom so that you can keep your phone (and a friend's phone) charged while you ride.


I also really like how this device maintains that classic Echo/Alexa blue LED light ring, and the colors match up with those for other Echo devices too, so if you know what those mean you're good to go. Don't worry though, if you don't know what the different color rings mean, we've got you covered!


Take it from an everyday Echo user, this is the device to get if you want to bring Alexa on your next ride!

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