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The popular Fairywill P11 Pro Electric Toothbrush is down to just $24.99 on Amazon US (Coupon)


Electric toothbrushes are becoming popular day by day and the market is flooded with different types of options. But are electric toothbrushes necessary and how different and effective are they compared to manual toothbrushes?

electric toothbrush

Scientists and researchers have done more than 10 years of study and research in the field of electric toothbrushes. Overall, the studies have shown that electric toothbrushes do a better job of cleaning your teeth and give you better results in terms of dental care and hygiene. Research has shown that long-term use of an electric toothbrush has shown a significant reduction in plaque, calculus, and stain.

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Thus as the science behind the effectiveness of electric toothbrushes is rising, one is easily convinced to invest in a good quality electric toothbrush. But as the market is flooded with different types of electric toothbrushes it is vital for a consumer to choose the best quality toothbrush at an affordable price.

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Enter Fairywill is a popular company working to bring the best of technology to dental health care. Fairywill produces and markets personal care products involving oral hygiene. They offer power toothbrushes for children and adults; oral irrigators; teeth whitening products and replacement brush heads.

Fairywill P11 Pro

Fairywill P11 Pro

Fairywill P11 Pro is an ADA ( American Dental Association) approved advanced Sonic Electric Toothbrush which has proven to be safe and effective in removing stains and reducing gingivitis. The Fairywill P11 Pro comes with an industry-leading 3rd generation Maglev Motor which helps to remove 10 times more stains along the gum line than a manual toothbrush. With sonic vibrations that are up to 62,000 vibrations per cycle, it gives you powerful micro-brushes that clean each tooth thoroughly. Backed by ultrasonic technology, and 3 modes to suit different oral needs P11 Pro is a perfect companion for your daily oral needs.

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The advanced design of Fairywill P11 Pro comes with a bold and sharp body paired with a round, gold-tone ring which makes it sturdy yet super stylish. This dynamic electric toothbrush comes with a 2-minute timer and 30-second interval pulse. This means after every 30 seconds the toothbrush emits a mild pulse to remind you to change your brushing quadrant and the two-minute timer ensures that you brush your teeth for not less than the dentist-recommended two minutes. Moreover, with 3 different brushing modes, the toothbrush is suitable for even the most sensitive user. However unlike other generic electric toothbrushes, Fairywill P11 Pro comes with a quiet motor which ensures that you get healthy and clean teeth without any unnecessary sound and noise.


The winner of the 2020 RedDot Product design award, Fairywill P11 Pro comes with 8 Dupont Nylon Brush heads and a stylish travel case. This means once you buy this product you can forget about all your dental woes for the next two years as the 8 brush heads will easily last for 2 years or more.


Fueled by an 800mAh lithium battery and supported by fast charging technology, Fairywill P11 Pro lasts up to 30 days on one single charge which takes just 2 hours. Moreover, the electric toothbrush uses a USB charging design supporting global voltage which can be used in any and every corner of the world.

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Generally retailing at $37.99, Fairywill is giving an amazing deal on P11 Pro on Amazon US. The company is giving out a 9% discount on the original price via coupon code: 6P6QUY6O and an additional $10 store coupon can be found on Amazon US. Both these deals combined together bring down the final price of Fairywill P11 Pro to $24.67 only.

Please note that these coupons expire on 06/30/2021 at 11:59 PM PDT and is applicable only on the black color variant. With multiple discount coupons, you get the P11 Pro toothbrush at a competitive price tag.

WHERE TO BUYFairywill P11 Pro at $24.67 (after discount coupon)@Amazon US


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