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The OPPO X rollable phone looks great in a new video


It seems that foldable smartphones are on the way to becoming the new standard. More and more OEMs are starting to get on the foldable phone train, as reports and rumors suggest that we may get foldable devices from Apple, Xiaomi, OPPO, and more. However, some companies seem to have progressed more than others, as some of them are already showing what their prototypes can do, and that’s precisely what has happened with the OPPO X rollable prototype phone.

OPPO has once again given us a hint as to what we can expect from their future foldable smartphones. The company has released a Concept Phone Full Tech video of its OPPO X rollable device at MWC Shanghai 2021. The video explains how the device will come equipped with a rollable display that will go from 6.7 to 7.4-inches, thanks to its two roll motors. These would make the ‘Warp Track’ laminate that resembles a cambelt, which is made of high-strength steel that allows it to be tough enough to support the display. At the same time, that’s incredibly thin, as it measures 0.1mm at its thinnest spot.


The display will also be supported by a 2-in-1 plate, whether it’s retracted or extended. This support is made of metal strips that mesh together, which allows them to slide past each other when they are required to.

Now, we know that there’s a difference between foldable phones and the OPPO X, as this is a rollable phone concept. Whatever the case, we will most likely see Samsung OLED foldable panels in either form factor. We know that Samsung Display will most likely supply every major brand with foldable displays, including Apple and Google

. However, we won’t find them in the recently launched Huawei Mate X2, since the Chinese tech giant finally decided to work with BOE. So now, we only have to wait and see if this device makes it to the market.

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