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The new Xiaomi MIJIA thermostat is also a smart switch


Xiaomi has announced a new MIJIA thermostat in China, which also doubles as a smart switch. Interestingly, the company calls this product ‘Xiaomi MIJIA Screen Display Switch E-billing Control’ (translated). It will be up for crowdfunding at 10:00 AM on January 20 for ¥99 ($15) on Xiaomi Mall ( Once this device reaches its crowdfunding goal, it will retail for ¥129 ($20).

Xiaomi MIJIA Thermostat Smart Switch Screen Display

This new product from Xiaomi is slightly larger than a regular smart thermostat. It sports a horizontal STN LCD panel at the top to show information like temperature as well as humidity of the room, time, and date. This screen should have a backlight like any other thermostat but we are not sure about it.

Unfortunately, we do not have much information about this device as it is yet to be listed on Xiaomi’s website. Anyway, according to the official Weibo account of Xiaomi Mall, it sports a temperature and humidity sensor, which helps to perceive the room condition and allows users to change the temperature and humidity as required.


Also, users can utilize this product to turn on/off lights or other electronic devices in their homes. Last but not least, since it supports Xiao AI, it can be controlled via voice and can be linked with other compatible Xiaomi smart products.

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