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The best pourover coffee kettle is available for a steal on Black Friday


Hario's Buono coffee kettle is simple to use and just right for pouring that perfect cup. It's also deeply discounted for Black Friday.

I do not mess around when it comes to coffee. Not at all.

As such, I've experimented with a lot of different ways to make the perfect cup, and I've used a lot of different gear (including kettles, cones, Chemexes, French Presses, and a plethora of filters made of different materials), but the one tried-and-true go-to for me is the Hario Buono kettle. It's damn-near perfect. It's simple and does exactly what it's supposed to: heat up quickly, maintain that heat, and provide a steady consistent stream of water as your pour. It's durable, built to last and easy to clean. It looks right at home with modern stainless-steel appliances but doesn't stand out on any stovetop.

And it's on sale for the lowest price I've ever seen on Black Friday, just $42.50 on Amazon with free Prime shipping, down 30 percent from the list price of $67. That's a real steal. When I bought my first Hario Buono kettle in 2013, I shopped around for the best deal, and I still paid $50 for it and that was six years ago. (That kettle is still in great shape, too.)


Hario Stainless Steel V60 Buono Gooseneck Coffee Kettle

Functi onal, durable, and good looking, this pourover coffee kettle makes pouring the perfect cup of Joe at home easy. And it works like a charm on gas and electric stoves.


Save 30% at Amazon

The version that's on sale for $42 is the smaller, one-liter kettle, but a larger 1.2-liter version is available for $5 more. I loved my first Hario Buono so much that I even invested in the fancy copper version and I love it, but that one is not nearly as affordable, and you won't likely find significant discounts.

Whether you're new to the pourover game or an old pro, the Hario Buono absolutely will not disappoint, especially at this Black-Friday discounted price.

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