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Thanks to Cyber Monday, you can get noise canceling headphones under $100


Here at AC, just about all of us have a pair of active noise canceling headphones that we swear by. If you do a lot of airplane travel, frequently work at busy coffee shops, or have lovely (and noisey) kids, a good pair of noise canceling headphones can allow you to enjoy your favorite music and podcasts while blocking out all of the extra chatter around you.

It's easy to spend a lot of money on noise canceling headphones, but you don't necessarily have to. In fact, thanks to Cyber Monday, we're seeing two deals in particular that bring some of the best budget headphones down to even lower prices.

If you're ready to take your on-the-go audio game to the next level, check out the two deals below.

Super cheap


A big discount on powerful headphones

This is one of the most affordable pairs of noise canceling headphones you'll find during Cyber Monday. The COWIN SE7 feature AptX and 90dB drivers for rich and powerful sound, Bluetooth 5.0 allows for a strong wireless connection, and the over 50 hours of battery life ensures you can keep going and going without having to worry about charging up.

$69.99 $109.99 $40 off

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Let's start first with the COWIN SE7. These are the most affordable of the two headphones we're highlighting here, and for the price, it's remarkable how much they bring to the table.

In regards to sound quality, the SE7 pack quite the punch. The 90dB speakers allow for big, booming audio, and this is paired with AptX Hi-Fi technology to ensure all of your tunes come through crystal clear. It's a winning combination if we've ever seen one, and the end result is that everything you listen to should sound top-notch.

We really like that COWIN uses Bluetooth 5.0, allowing for a strong and reliable wireless connection at all times, and with a jaw-dropping 50 hours of battery life (or 30 if you're using noise canceling), charging the SE7 will be an infrequent event.

Tying the whole experience together is a compact folding design that's available in a multitude of colors. For a mere $70, it's kind of unbelievable how much you're getting for your money.


Upgrade pick


Bigger sound for a bit more cash

If you want to really crank up your tunes, the more powerful COWIN E8 are worth a look. Also on sale for Cyber Monday, the big draw to the E8 is the more powerful speakers, coming in at 100dB. You also get improved noise canceling and 20 hours of battery life, all at a great price.

$97.49 $149.99 $52.50 off

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If you like what you're seeing with the SE7 but want something with a bit more punch, the COWIN E8 are worth a look.

Along with a different design, the COWIN E8 also tout better noise canceling and audio quality. The active noise canceling here does an even better job at blocking out surrounding noise, with the speakers of the E8 being quite a bit more powerful at 100dB.


The SE7 already produce pretty powerful sound, so with the E8, you're taking things to an even greater level.

Battery life does take a hit with a rated runtime of 20 hours with noise canceling turned on, but if you're after the best audio possible, the E8 certainly deliver.

Both headphones also come with an 18-month warranty to keep your purchase protected, giving you a nice safety blanket in case something goes wrong.

These Cyber Monday deals won't last long, so if you're interested in either of these headphones from COWIN, we'd advise you to act fast.

Cyber Monday!

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