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Tencent launches the Nintendo Switch Super Mario Limited Edition in China


Tencent Games was granted the exclusive right to launch the Nintendo Switch gaming console in China. Thus, the Switch was launched in China in December 2019 despite already being a popular console outside China.Nintendo Switch Super Mario Limited Edition

Tencent has now launched a limited edition model of the Nintendo Switch for the Chinese market. The limited-edition is themed after Super Mario. The new edition comes exactly one year after the original Switch was launched in the Asian country. Available records show that the firm has sold up to 1 million units of the handheld gaming console.

.The Nintendo Switch Super Mario Limited Edition will not be China-exclusive but will be sold in other regions. The version is presently on sale on the official WeChat store as well as Nintendo Switch’s official flagship stores on and Tmall as well as other official authorized channels. Interestingly, the customized edition retains the same price tag as the original Switch. It is priced at 2099 yuan (~$325). Outside China, it is available on Best Buy and Target for $300.


The Nintendo Switch Limited Edition is themed after the legendary Super Mario game. It is specially designed with Mario’s theme colors of red and blue. Nintendo also bundles a carrying case and a screen protector.Nintendo Switch Super Mario Limited Edition

The main body of the Switch itself adopts a different color for the first time. It comes in red just like the other accessories. Not only that, in addition to the main unit, the base, joystick, Joy-Con wristband, and Joy-Con grip of the suit are all designed with Mario’s theme colors of red and blue, which are very recognizable. The carrying case also adopts the red and blue theme color with the zipper coming in blue while the case is red.




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