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Tencent granted patent for a game console design similar to Nintendo Switch’s


Chinese tech giant Tencent is apparently planning to launch its own handheld gaming console, going by a patent spotted recently. Tencent happens to have got the exclusive right to distribute the Nintendo Switch in China and it launched the handheld console in China on December 4, 2019.Tencent Game console

According to the Qicha app, Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. obtained approval for a patent titled “Game Console” on March 19. The patent application was filed in October 2020 bearing the publication number CN306392452S.

The product image clearly shows it will be a portable handheld device. It adopts a classic design similar to the Nintendo Switch handheld console but there are some marked differences between Tencent’s and the popular Nintendo Switch.

Thus, the patent fuels speculations that Tencent may be planning to enter the game console industry on its own. Tencent has always been a major player in the industry but focuses more on gaming software. In recent times, the brand entered into a partnership with gaming phone brands like ASUS ROG, Red Magic

, and Black Shark to launch gaming phones.

The console itself looks like what is designed to be played as a standalone and connected to a Windows PC. There is what looks like the Win10 logo on one of the buttons at the left button of the handheld console. Also, the rear aspect has the text inscribed “PC Console” and “For PC Console gamer”. Thus, the console may appear as a Win-based handheld.


In other respects, the game console also uses a Type-C interface and has collapsible support at the rear.




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