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TCL 20L Plus gets Bluetooth certification, may launch next month


TCL has an event scheduled for April 14 where it plans to unveil new mobile products. Although the manufacturer is yet to specify which products will be announced, we want to believe it will unveil the rest of the TCL 20 series that made its debut at CES 2021 in January. While not among the series unveiled, a new model that has recently been certified may also join the list.

That new model is the TCL 20L Plus (stylized as TCL 20L+) and it was certified by the Bluetooth SIG a few weeks ago, though we just discovered it. The certification page says the phone has model numbers T774B, T775H, and T775B which means there are three variants. Also, all three are 4G devices and have Bluetooth 5.0.
TCL 20L Plus

The TCL 20L itself and the TCL 20S and TCL 20 Pro 5G are the three phones that were scheduled for a later release when they were first announced at CES 2021. We want to believe the TCL 20L Plus should be a bigger and or better-specced version of the TCL 20L.


TCL 20 series

From the image of the TCL 20L provided by the manufacturer, the phone has a flat display with a centered punch hole. The plus model will most likely have a similar design but may come with a bigger screen, more cameras, and or bigger battery capacity. We also expect it to run Android 11

out of the box.



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