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Synology’s DS218+ NAS is too good to pass up on Black Friday


There are plenty of reasons to have a NAS at home, be it at the center of a home media server, a cord-cutting setup or just good old fashioned data backup. When you're shopping for a NAS one of the leading names you'll want to check out is Synology, and one of our favorite units, the DS218+, has a nice little discount for Black Friday.

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Synology DS218+

$255 $300 $45 Off

This two-bay NAS is particularly good for the home, with easy setup and use, quick eject drives and a nice, compact form factor.

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From our review:

Setting up the device is a breeze. It takes literally 10 minutes, at the very most. All you need to do is hook everything up (following the well-laid-out instruction booklet), turn on the unit and follow the wizard in the web browser. After setting everything up, the DiskStation Manager (DSM) will handle most of the tasks behind-the-scenes, including the automatic download and install of updates, should you activate this feature.


This isn't a NAS for power users looking to create virtual machines or transcode, but it is a really great solution for newcomers and home users who want to deal predominantly with storing their own files. You can also upgrade the RAM on this model should you feel the need for more down the road. And for Black Friday you're making a tidy little saving on a top NAS.


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