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Stock up on $20 Wyze Cam v2s in this Amazon Lightning deal


We spotted this Lightning deal on the Wyze Cam v2 with just under six hours left, but there's still plenty unclaimed if you want one of the best indoor security cams for a bargain-barrel price. Buy one Cam for 23% off at $19.99 or a 2-pack for $39.99. It matches the lowest price we've seen on this camera, which is rarely discounted.

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Wyze Cam v2

Cheap price, not cheap quality

The Wyze Cam doesn't stand out with specs like 1080p resolution and 110-degree field-of-view, but it grabbed our attention thanks to its integration with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. You'll also appreciate 14 days of free cloud storage for your motion-activated clips, where most companies require a monthly subscription.

Wyze Cams are a reliable purchase for yourself or as a gift for others because of their excellent compatibility with most smart home tech. You can control them using both Alexa or Google Assistant commands, for example. So if you want to pull up footage of another room on your Echo Show or Google Hub Max, you can do that with a simple command. They're also IFTTT compatible, if you're the kind of tinkerer that could set up triggers like "Turn on my smart light bulbs when motion is detected".


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How smart these Wyze Cams are will depend on whether you're willing to spend a little extra per month on Wyze Cam Plus. It's a $2/month subscription that activates AI features like person detection, package recognition and even facial recognition. If you'd rather not pay that, though, you can easily self-monitor and check on motion alerts for yourself, especially since your camera will be indoors where any motion will be an anomaly.


You may also have heard the news today that Wyze is starting its own Home Monitoring plan in February 2021. You can link up your Wyze Cam v2s to create a cheap surveillance network around your home and have professionals monitor it for you. If that sounds appealing, now's a great time to snag a few Wyze Cams for a low price and test your self-monitoring skills; then, once the service launches in February 2021, you can decide if you want to switch over and have them do the work for you.

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