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SOUNDPEATS H1 with Noise Cancellation raises More than $90k via Kickstarter


Wireless earpieces are one of the most sought after accessories for their hands-free and practical design. SOUNDPEATS H1 is one such product that offers a crisp sound-quality with a hybrid dual-driver system for a pocket-friendly price. The company has raised up to $90k via Kickstarter within just a week.

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Sound Quality

SOUNDPEATS H1 earbuds feature a hybrid driver integrated with a balanced armor driver, a customized dynamic driver, and a patented crossover. The crossover divides different frequencies accurately and sends them to the dedicated driver to produce the separate frequency regions precisely. Its 8.6mm dynamic driver recreates the rich details in the midsoles and the trench’s resonance depth to give the user a lively feel. SOUNDPEATS H1 comes with a Knowles balanced armature driver.

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This pair boasts APTX Adaptive Audio Codec that features an auto-adjusting bitrate for superior sound quality. It is compatible with aptX, aptX LLC, and aptX HD enabled devices. Furthermore, the low latency mode puts audio in perfect sync with the media. Triple tap helps the user enter this mode and engage in a lag-free gaming experience. SOUNDPEATS H1 also features a deep passive noise cancellation mode that tunes out the surrounding sounds. These wireless earbuds employ an ear-conforming design that molds into the ear canal to form a proper seal for optimum noise isolation. With cVc 8.0 algorithm, this pair allows the user to make clear calls even in noisy surroundings.


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Wireless Connectivity

SOUNDPEATS H1 earphones run on one of the latest Qualcomm chipset- qcc3040. This pair hereby consumes less power and provides seamless wireless connectivity for an immersive, on-the-go listening experience. This chipset needs only one earbud to maintain the BlueTooth connection, while the other one mirrors it. This feature comes in handy when the primary pairing is cut-off or detected to be weaker than that of the mirroring bud. It helps the user get optimized sound quality, free of glitches and dropouts.

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Battery and Controls

SOUNDPEATS H1 features 40 hours of battery life with the case and up to 10 hours normally in a single charge. The charging mode allows this pair to power up via a Type C cable or a wireless charging case. Gentle taps on the earbuds enable the user to control various functions. One can also use Siri or google" 52269 rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Google Assistant with multi-tap and hold. When the user is occupied, an AI voice assistant can be invoked by saying “Hi, SOUNDPEATS” for hands-free control. This function can be used for accepting or rejecting calls or calling someone from the contact list.

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