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Sony’s revenue share in Smartphone Image Sensor Market dropped in H1 2020


These days, smartphones are evaluated based on their photography and videography prowess. Almost all handsets released this year come with at least two rear cameras. The latest report by Strategy Analytics on Smartphone Image Sensor Market Revenue Share H1 2020 reveals how well the manufacturer of these sensors performed.

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According to Strategy Analytics, Sony

lead the market with a 44% revenue share in the first half of 2020. However, the report does say that the Japanese tech giant’s share dropped due to the rising competition from Samsung LSI, OmniVision, and SK Hynix.

Talking about Samsung LSI, it secured the second position with a 32% revenue share, thanks to its 64MP and 108MP high megapixel sensors. Whereas, the third place was acquired by OmniVision with a 9% share, followed by others with a 15% revenue share.

Further, the report also says that the image sensor market growth was affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic as the overall smartphone market declined. However, it began to recover as a result of the multi-camera craze, which mostly included 8MP and 2MP sensors.

Strategy Analytics Smartphone Image Sensor Market Revenue Share H1 2020

Last but not least, Strategy Analytics predicts better performance in the second half of 2020 than the first half.

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