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Sony’s new software will let you turn its digital cameras into high-resolution webcams


Webcams fitted on laptops, or most cheap dedicated webcams for that matter, can barely let you have a video call without making your face look like a blurry and shadowy mess. Thankfully, multiple brands have lately released tools that can let you use their digital camera or even an action camera as a webcam. And at long last, Sony has joined that list as well.

Sony has released a software called Imaging Edge Webcam that will let you connect its digital cameras to your PC and use them as a webcam. It is currently compatible with 35 Sony camera models that include the freshly launched Sony ZV-1 vlogging camera

, the Alpha a7S III and the RX100 VII among others. You can find the full list of compatible Sony cameras here

However, it appears that Sony has only launched a Windows 10 version of the Imaging Edge Webcam software, as the press release doesn’t mention a macOS version. In order to set up your Sony digital camera as a webcam, all you need is a USB cable and the software installed on your PC to get crystal clear output during video calls. You can read about the set-up process on this page.

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