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Sony’s a7 III, the camera I use every day, is $200 off


By far one of my favorite things in my tech kit is my camera, which has been to countless cities and countries with me for both work and pleasure. I love shooting video (and the occasional photos), and few cameras nail both quite as well as the Sony a7 III.

If you've watched any of my Android Central videos in the last year, you've already seen plenty of footage from the a7 III. It's an incredibly versatile camera that does amazingly well in virtually any lighting conditions, even near-pitch dark environments, making it a great option for anyone who shoots in often unpredictable situations.

Right now for Black Friday weekend, the a7 III is 10% off, which may not sound like much, but for such a pricey purchase, that sale will save you hundreds of dollars.

My daily camera

Sony a7 III

Incredibly slim 4K full frame mirrorless camera

The a7 III shoots stunning 4K video with incredible depth of field thanks its full frame sensor. The battery is good for hours of shooting, and Sony pulls off incredible low light performance. It also has modern appointments like USB-C and wireless transfers to your phone.

$1798.00 $1998.00 10% off

See at Amazon $1630 at Walmart

I travel a lot for work, and for the sake of portability (and my back), I try to pack as lightweight as possible. With the a7 III, I don't need to pack separate photo and video cameras. Sony's full frame mirrorless cameras have been incredibly popular for years because they're incredibly well-suited for both types of media, with great imaging and unmatched lowlight performance.

One of the biggest downsides of Sony's ultra-slim body has typically been poor battery life, but that's been resolved in the a7 III with a much larger battery that lasts for three hours of 4K video shooting. This means I rarely need to break out my spare battery, and you can even recharge the camera through its USB-C port.


That port isn't the only modern ammenity here, though. You also get dual SD card slots, which is fantastic for on-the-fly backups, 4K30 or 1080p120 video capture, LOG color profiles, and wireless capabilities that let you transfer photos and videos to your phone or even use your phone as an external monitor. Of course, you also get both microphone and headphone jacks, making it easy to record and monitor high-quality audio with an external microphone.

By far the best part of the a7 III, at least for me, is its low light capabilities. Covering events at various locations means I never know what the lighting situation will be, and on more than one occasion I've been on show floors with incredibly inconsistent lighting that makes shooting a nightmare. With the a7 III, I never have to worry too much about it; even if I need to crank up the ISO, the resulting image is relatively noise-free — something my old GH5 never could've pulled off.


The a7 III is on Amazon for $200 off through Black Friday weekend. If you've been hoping to start shooting more photo and video, now's a great time to jump on this stellar camera!

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