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Sony Xperia Pro launched as the brand’s first 5G phone in the U.S


Sony first announced the Xperia Pro alongside the Xperia 1II and Xperia 10II in February last year but the phone wasn’t available. The brand has now officially launched the Xperia Pro in the U.S. The phone arrives as Sony’s first 5G phone for the U.S market and it won’t come cheap. The premium smartphone carries a hefty price tag of $2,499.99.Sony Xperia Pro

The hefty price means the phone isn’t for everyone. Sony is targeting professional; users who can deploy the phone’s HDMI input to turn the device into an external camera monitor. Also, the 5G connectivity can be used to quickly upload or live-stream footage.

Apart from the HDMI input and US 5G support, the Xperia Pro’s hardware is no different from that of the Xperia 1 II. The Xperia 1II launched in the US with 4G only while in Europe, it came with 5G support. This model will subsequently not be launched in Europe, according to Sony. Sony Xperia Pro

Specs-wise, the Xperia Pro features a 6.5-inch OLED display with a tall 21:9 aspect ratio and sub-4K resolution of 3840 x 1644 pixels. The device is powered by the good old Snapdragon 865 processor and packs a decent 4,000mAh battery. At the rear aspect, the phone features 12-megapixel wide, telephoto, and ultrawide cameras.


The HDMI input is located on the bottom of the phone while the USB-C port is shifted to the left to ensure the HDMI port is centered. Sony says it’s capable of taking up to a 4K 60fps HDR video stream and should work with any cameras that have an HDMI output to give you a clearer view of what is being photographed.Sony Xperia Pro


Further, the Xperia Pro supports both Sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G, and Sony claims that it has a unique four-way mmWave antenna array to maximize reception. There’s also a built-in network visualizer app that can be assigned to its shortcut key to helping you find the best position to get a signal.



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