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Sony reveals the PlayStation 5 China launch date


Sony‘s PlayStation 5 console is presently experiencing scarcity as a result of the global chip shortage but the console is yet to even launch in China, the world’s second-largest market. Sony has now announced via the PlayStation China official Weibo handle that the console will be launched in the Asian country “from April to June 2021”. The disclosure will surely gladden the hearts of many PlayStation fans in China who have been on the lookout for the official announcement. However, it may be too early to rejoice as the China version may also be plagued with shortages just like the global variant which is quite elusive due to chip shortage.

Sony first announced the PlayStation 5 in November 2020 but the company has only managed to ship a few million (4.5 million consoles last year) due to scarcity of AMD chip which can be traced to the build up of orders by TSMC. Several persons have taken advantage of the console’s scarcity and have increased the price of the gaming console. It was reported recently that the console was selling for up to three times its retail price in China

as well as Hongkong, to those who are unwilling to wait for the official release.

The PlayStation 5 also broke the console sales record in the US

in December when it was released for the North American market. We also expect the console to set new records for console sale in China when it is finally released.



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