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Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition won’t be available on February 2 in India as it is delayed


Sony gave a sweet New Year surprise for all the Indian PlayStation 5 (PS5) fans on January 1. The company announced that the PS5 gaming console will finally launch in the country on February 2. While there are three days yet for the pre-orders, the company has now given a shocking confirmation.

PlayStation 5

yesterday, a Twitter post said that Sony officially updated about the delay of the Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 in India. IGN India later verified with its retail sources and says that the news is accurate, i.e, PS5 Digital Edition won’t be available in India at launch. In fact, it has also received an official email from Sony confirming the same.

In the mail, Sony reportedly says that the following will skip the launch window that is on February 2:

  • PS5 Digital Edition
  • DualSense Wireless Charging Station
  • PULSE 3D Wireless Headset
  • HD Camera

That’s really disappointing news as users will have to wait a bit to get the comfort of charging the Controller wirelessly. Besides, If you recall, the PS5 Digital Edition got a lot of positive response when sony announced the India Pricing. That’s because it sits very close to the inferior XBOX Series S with a ₹39,990($547) pricing.

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Anyway, you will have to opt for the 4K Blue-ray Disc Drive edition if you want to get your hands on the PS5 quickly. This one is a bit higher at ₹49,990($684) but is on-par with the XBOX Series X(₹49,990) pricing. That’s not all as IGN also says that Amazon won’t provide any bundle offers(as of now) for the PS5, unlike the offline retailers.

However, a relief is that both the Prime and Non-Prime members of Amazon can delve in on January 12 at 12PM IST to fight for the early adoption. Either way, it looks like the Disc Drive PS5, along with Dual Sense Wireless Controller(₹5,990), and Media Remote(₹2,590) will be the only available products on February 2.

The craze for PS5 is at the top right from the first official launch(US, Japan) on November 12. In India, it’s even higher as Sony had to delay it for about two months for various reasons. We hope Sony improves the situation real soon as the Digital Edition is also a great bang for the buck.

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