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Sony is shutting down the PlayStation Communities feature on PS4


Sony is gradually winding down a number of features that were prominent with its PlayStation 4 console, as greater attention is now shifting to the PS5. Sony has notified its registered users of the PS4 via email of plans to discontinue the PlayStation Communities by April 2021.PlayStation 4 featured

The PlayStation Communities has provided a fertile platform for gaming enthusiasts and fans to interact, play games and discuss related interests. It had grown to become a melting pot of ideas and competition among users prior to the release of the successor Console, the PS5. Back in March 2020, Sony had discontinued the PlayStation Communities app from the PlayStation Store and gradually limited its functionalities.

The impending shutdown of the Communities feature follows the discontinuation earlier this month, of rental and movie purchases via the PlayStation Store, applicable for all current versions of the gaming console: PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5.

Sony has adduced some reasons behind the decision to pull the plug on the Communities feature, amidst a general realignment of features on the PlayStation Store. It stated that due to massive growth in subscription-based and ad-based entertainment services on its various consoles, the need for the feature was no longer necessary.


Sony also informed its customers that these changes will not come to force before August 31st this year and users can still access their purchased movie and TV content via the PlayStation Store.

The unfolding moves by Sony, even though aimed at providing high-quality content and services to its existing customers (PS4 users inclusive) could also be viewed with apprehension by owners of the PS4 console that their devices may become totally obsolete anytime soon. However, Sony is quite oblivious of this perception and has assured continuous support of the PS4 via regular updates and upgrades of its firmware for better and continuous performance.





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