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Snag a 3-pack of Ernie Ball Slinky guitar strings at a crazy price


Playing the guitar can be relaxing and fun. Or it can be a shredding experience filled with raw emotion. Either way, you'll need a good set of strings for your fingers to dance their way to making beautiful music. Or really loud noises. Or both.

Music makers

3-Pack Ernie Ball Slinky guitar strings

$10 at Amazon

Legendary tones

There's a good chance that your favorite guitarist uses Ernie Ball Slinky strings and that's because they offer a unique sound that people love. At this Black Friday price, there is even more to love.

I can't play guitar nearly as well as icons like Eric Clapton or Keith Richards. But that doesn't stop me from using the same gear for the same reasons.


Ernie Ball Slinky strings give me the tone I'm looking for and every pack is consistent. They're great no matter what type of music you're playing (or trying to play) and I love that signature feel as my fingers slide from fret to fret.

This Black Friday deal gets you a three-pack of Regulars, Hybrids, Supers, and even Skinny Top-Heavy Bottom Slinky strings so no matter what you like or how you play you can save a huge chunk of change. I've got a few sets on the way so I'm good until next Black Friday.


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