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Smoking Xbox Series X? Microsoft says not to blow vape smoke into your console


The Xbox Series X and Series S went on sale this week. The new consoles bring new features and upgrades over the previous generation. Just a day into the first sale day and there are a few videos of smoking Xbox Series X consoles on the internet.

Those who have uploaded these videos claim the console caught fire and began letting out smoke but it turns out that these videos are most likely fake.

Another video (below) has revealed what seems to be going on and as you can see below, it’s users blowing vape smoke in the direction of the console which then exits through the vent at the top.

The reason why the vape smoke exits through the vent is because of how the console is designed. The fan is designed to suck out the heat from the console and let it out through the vent, and since the Xbox Series X doesn’t sit flush with the surface, thanks to the feet at the bottom, the fan can pick up the vape smoke, thus appearing as if the console is on fire.


The chance of the console catching fire if it overheats is almost non-existent as there is no battery inside the device. Most electronic devices that catch fire or explode are known to have built-in batteries and this is not the case with consoles such as the Xbox Series X.

The development has resulted in the official Xbox Twitter account releasing a statement today, pleading with users not to blow vape smoke into their consoles.


There are other complaints on the internet about issues with the console such as unusual noises and the drive not accepting discs. If your console is having these sorts of issues, Xbox says you should contact support.

It is not unusual for a new product to have issues and the Xbox Series X will most likely not be excluded from this. Nevertheless, it’s ridiculous to see some folks are making up issues.

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